One Minute To Done!: How To Start Taking More Action and Procrastinate Less Using The Habit Builder System!

This is my first book that I wrote and had published on Createspace. Since then, I am continuing to learn more about myself. The philosophy in the book was born out of many ideas from great authors, but the central theme is to become a producer. That has been my passion, to improve upon myself.

I’ll admit, its been slow as far as sales are concerned, so I’m slowly understanding book marketing. Internet Marketing is not an exact science, but I am making an effort as you can see from the blog that I created and am working on.

So now, I’m starting to get that writing itch again, and yeah, it feels really good. I’ve come up with different ideas for different books. I’m even going to start writing fiction as well.

You can look up my book and my author profile on Amazon. Basically, the whole big thing is that if I can do it, why not you? I’m no guru, for sure. That’s a bit much. I really consider myself more of a student, as I feel there’s always room for improvement.

I’m David Delgadillo, author of One Minute To Done!


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