You may have heard this acronym in everyday life, NLP. But just in case, it’s referred to as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Sounds like Pseudo-science. Just go to the biggest online bookstore, and search for books> self-help> NLP which averages about 855 titles at this time. Quite a big chunk, wouldn’t you agree?
It’s pretty much saturated. So the point I’m trying to make here is that instead of forking out good money for a kindle book or hard copy on NLP, why not get the information for free before buying? I would like to share this information, because, after all, you can just look up NLP on Google and it would work out equally as well.
I would like to bring up this subject and come across as not a guru (that’s already overrated and I don’t plan on making YouTube videos sharing my sports car, I just have a Honda Element). I’m a student of this subject matter and in order for me to understand it, I’ll read up on it, learn it once, apply it to learn it twice, then show what I know of the subject matter to learn it a third time. When I get negative feedback, whether on my own or from someone else, that’s when I’m really learning.
To ease my readers into this, everyone knows about this: I got in an automobile accident. Nothing happened to me, but the car that I just purchased last month, still paying for it, is wrecked. Now, I am dropping F-bombs. I call the insurance company, I’m on hold. Hilarity ensues, because I am now kicking my car and causing more damage, like scratches and stuff. And more f-bombs. And now I have to listen to my options carefully over the phone because they have changed. “Representative, representative…”
Now, an NLP practitioner, same scenario: I got in an automobile accident. Cancel, a man is in a Honda accord. He gets out of the car. The man is wearing a shirt, jeans shoes. He has sunglasses on. He picks up a cell phone from the automobile. The car is in front of the tree. There is a little red dot where the car is at. There is a land mass. Earth is now visible.
That’s a classic NLP exercise on separating yourself from negative emotions. In your mind, you can also make the picture a dull gray, make it quiet, look at yourself from above, as in the third person. Perhaps there’s an ice block in front of you, and you could just barely make out movement, in a dark room. In NLP language, it’s called Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic, or VAK.
So as not to lead you down another path, because it pertains to what I’m writing, visual is what you’re seeing, auditory is what you are hearing, and kinesthetic is what you are feeling. Separate yourself from these negative emotions by dulling the bad experience using third person point-of-view, seeing the event in black and white, and feeling indifferent about it by referring to the person in the scene when you know it’s you.

Happy trailblazing!


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